population shut the fuck up
get off my lawn
Anonymous whispered: *meows for money*

why the fuck would someone give you money for meowing get a job


i think i’ve interrupted something


me: okay let’s put this tiny sign here, roughly fifty feet away from my house

isabelle: gee mayor, it’s kind of close to your house!

me: okay how about here it’s farther away by like one space

isabelle: sorry mayor!! it’s too close to that rock!

me: okay how about here in this empty field

isabelle: oh no! it’s too close to my  furry  ass!! it should be at least seven light years away from my  furry  ass on all sides uwu

Anonymous whispered: Look man I've been super patient in letting your liver heal up for a bit but when's the next drunk crossing or are you done with that

fuck ooooooofffffffff im doing it

toolateforturnips whispered: when are you going to do another drunk crossing? oh goodness they are funny


Anonymous whispered: 10/10 would snuggle


some AC characters I saw at the con ft a magma grunt


he’s here


he’s here

Anonymous whispered: you remind me soooo much of jesse pinkman from breaking bad

thanks bitch